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Meet Frances

Businesses, associations or non-profits do you need to explain the work you do, why it matters, and make sure people understand how it relates to them? For 20+ years I've interviewed business owners, parents, and professionals, turning what I learn from them into relatable stories that bridge the knowledge gap.  

How can I help?

Using those same skills, I can craft useful, engaging, evidence-backed speeches, or articles and content for your magazine, online publication, or brand — whether your target audience is potential customers, current customers, members or staff, or another group altogether.  

When I'm not tapping away on my keyboard,

( supervised by my schedule savvy cat Luna), I can be found outside enjoying the natural beauty of the lakeside village where I reside.


The power of storytelling is exactly this: to bridge the gaps where everything else has crumbled. —PAULO COELHO

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