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Hi! I'm Frances.

I'm a wordsmith and storyteller and combine those talents as a freelance writer and a speaker. 


Do you have a business that needs help reaching your audience with unique stories that will build connections and expand your influence?

I've 20+ years of wordsmithing grounded in research and storytelling, I create content so that your brand can attract and grow its customer base.

Are you an event planner or part of an association that needs a speaker to inspire and motivate your audience?

I've 5 years of professional speaking (and 20 plus years of "amateur" practice) I speak about self-leadership, mindset, and resilience.

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Meet Frances

Writer, Speaker, Author, Story Finding Wizard

From the moment a business comes into being, a story is being crafted. It's complex, with many characters and events combined to create a unique tale that defines your brand. 

In writing, or speaking it's the story that carries the message. The trick is finding the right one for the message you want to share. Which is where I come in.  

As a story-finding and writing wizard, I work with you so that together we discover the story bridges connecting you with your audience.


By combining the best elements of storytelling and fact-based research, you'll inspire and engage your customers as they come to know, like and trust you, for the expert you are.

With years of writing and speaking experience, I can help you build your own bridges. Explore my services to see how I can help you achieve your goals.  


Frances Found....Blog

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It began with a blog...simply, Frances Found. The business has grown and changed, but the blog remains as Frances Found. More than a name, it represents the journey. Enjoy.

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Mel D

Journey to Joy offers a wonderful blend of the author's personal journey with very tangible exercises and steps you can take to create more joy in your life. A great read for those new on the self-leadership / self-development path, but for those more seasoned, it offers reminders about how to stay on your path to joy. 
Very readable and very relatable for anyone looking to get unstuck, make changes and take charge of their own happiness.

Journey to Joy: How to Overcome Life's Setbacks and Create a Life You Love poses the question - who do you choose to be? This powerful question sets the path for the transformation and healing possible when facing the effects of childhood adversity. In these pages, you'll find the guidance and tools for living a more meaningful, purposeful, and joyful life.

You'll discover ways to:

  • Re-connect with your authentic self

  • Uncover and re-discover passions for the things you love

  • Re-ignite the power of play and curiosity as fuel for the journey

  • Move from passenger to driver of your life

  • Create your personal map for your own journey of joy

Journey to Joy: How to Overcome Life's Setbacks and Create a Life You Love is filled with moving stories, current research, wise advice, and heartfelt encouragement. It's an essential read for anyone ready to take charge and find the hope and courage to create a life of meaning and joy.

John & Lois Macpherson

Well written and authentic. Frances captures how a life with many struggles can be happy and joyful.

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If you are having a difficult time coming up with stories to share, Frances has an uncanny knack for interviewing you and digging into forgotten experiences and what they mean. If someone wants her to write the story, she's amazing. But even if you're just trying to blog and don't know where to start, hire her for a consult and she'll help you dig into your visions and connect them to lived experiences you may have forgotten about. 

Monique Caissie



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Frances led me through an intentional process which gave me opportunities to wake up to my life, recognize what I need to stay awake to it, and cultivate the stories that have shaped and continue to shape me. 

Colleen Collarelli

Leadership Development

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After just an hour with Frances, I had so much clarity around my business! I’ve been stuck on how to describe what I do, how I do it and who I serve. 

Melissa Dodge Coaching



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