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In Plain View, The Secret to Creating a Happier Life

September is here, a new month and in a few short weeks, a new season. Here in Canada, that’s fall, but for now, it still feels a lot like summer.

Nevertheless, it’s a time of transition and new beginnings, and I’m curious about where you are in your life, right now.

Are you beginning to feel the need for more self-care? Ready to invest in yourself more and create an emotional space where you can re-connect to yourself and what brings you more joy?

Or maybe you’re starting to feel the itch for more self-expression and connectivity to others who feel that there’s more to life than work and responsibilities to others.

A decade ago, I was feeling that push intensely.

It was a time of transition, with an empty nest, and a health condition that had brought my life to a standstill. It was time to explore my creative side, something that had been pushed to the “someday” list.

I decided to pull out a book that I’d bought but had yet to dive into, it’s called The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.

Maybe you've heard of it, or it's sitting on a shelf, ready for you to say yes to the teachings it contains.

When I sat down with it, I was comforted by the gentle understanding she conveyed about a yearning I didn’t quite understand myself. It woke me up in a way that transformed my life.

It opened me up -to the world around me and to my potential. I’d been feeling shut down and wanting so very much to find another path than the one I was on.

In the introduction Cameron shares that “ People heal because creativity is healthy – and practicing it, they find their greater selves. And we are all greater than we can conceive.”

The path that this book took me on, did indeed help me heal in unexpected ways.

More than ever, I sense that there are others, (you?) who are feeling the need to heal from the many challenges of the last several years.

The secret to changing course and finding a new path is in plain view. It's visible through the lens of creativity and the dusting off of your "someday list."

There, I said it. It’s that simple, except most of us need a guide and this book was mine.

A decade later I continue to find the playful, lightheartedness that surrounds me and that leads me to continued inspiration about how to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

After a summer of exploring new places and experiences, I'm feeling called to dive back into the book and explore its offerings once again.

This time, I'm sensing that it's time to invite others to participate and to offer it as a facilitated group.

If you're ready to re-discover the joy of using your creative gifts then know that as a seasoned creative traveler I'm ready to join you on the path. Not guru, but guide.

This book taught me that creativity, heck personal growth, is like an onion, always another layer to discover.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says in her review of the book – "Without The Artist's Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love.”

Are you ready to reconnect to the inner creative spirit awaiting permission from you to come out and play? And, would you like to have a more enjoyable and interesting end to the year? Then click here. Get the details and reserve your spot.

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