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Here’s the Real Reason Why You’ve Never Started Your Coaching Practice

Do you have a coaching certificate waiting for you to start making a difference?

Maybe you’re like my friend Eva.

She’s working full-time and likes her job, and yet from time to time, she thinks about that coaching certificate she worked so hard to achieve and still hasn’t done anything with.

It’s not that she lost interest, but she’s never been able to confidently answer the two most important questions that every businessperson must know.

What problem are you helping to solve and who is your customer?

Without that knowledge, it doesn’t matter how well you mastered the coaching methods, your business won’t get off the ground.

My conversation with my friend reminded me just how frustrated I felt when even after taking a business course led by a successful and well-known coach, I still didn’t know the answers to these two important questions.

Everything else in the course was excellent but in those two areas, it failed miserably because it told me what to do, but not how to do it.

Somehow, I was supposed to be able to answer questions about a customer that I didn’t have yet.

The all-important, know your customer became a guessing game. Instead of having rock-solid research to make an informed decision…I guessed.

Without that key information, my first business floundered.

Three businesses later, I’ve learned a lot about the power of research.

Imagine discovering what’s really on people’s minds and what their most pressing problems are. And then, learn about those people so that you can make informed decisions about your ideal client. The ones who will get the most benefit from working with you.

That information can seem like it’s only accessible from big marketing firms. But